Office Moving: Two Ways Hiring An Office Mover Saves You Money

Office relocation is common for many companies when they need to move to a new city or town or when they want to scale up or downsize their office size. Nonetheless, when business owners are thinking about relocating to new offices, two options come to mind. They can either hire professional office movers or conduct a DIY office relocation.  

Most business owners prefer a DIY office relocation. After all, it could be a more affordable option because it doesn't involve hiring additional help. Besides, it is pretty easy to get your employees, friends, and relatives to assist in the office relocation. However, hiring an office moving company can also provide several cost benefits that you would otherwise forego when opting for a DIY office moving.

Here are two ways hiring an office mover can save you money.

All-Inclusive Service Package 

Typically, when you hire an office mover company, you have the option of getting a wide range of services. In most cases, the services provided by an office mover company include:

  • Disassembling the office furniture, e.g., work stations, desks, tables cabinets
  • Packing equipment, furniture, documents, art pieces
  • Loading the office items onto a truck
  • Safely transporting all the office items to the new location
  • Offloading the equipment
  • Assembling the office furniture and helping you arrange the new office

Fortunately, all the above services are provided at a predetermined price. Thus, working with a professional office mover enables you to budget for office relocation in advance.

On the other hand, you will have to get all the above services separately when you opt for DIY office relocation. You have to hire workers to dismantle your furniture and pack it. Then you have to rent a truck for transporting the office items. Furthermore, if you are relocating to a different area, you will have to hire a second set of workers to help you offload, assemble, and arrange your office items at the new premises.

From the above description, it is clear that the DIY office moving process is more cumbersome and more expensive because you are paying for every service separately. In some instances, especially when relocating your office to a new city or town, a DIY office relocation is more expensive than hiring a professional office mover.

No need To Insure Your Items

In most cases, the furniture and equipment in an office can amount to several thousand dollars. As a result, if you are conducting a DIY office relocation, you might need insurance to safeguard your office equipment and furniture against any losses or damages that could occur during the office relocation. However, it is essential to note the insurance cover is a one-time coverage. Thus it is only valid for the duration of the office moving process.

On the other hand, if you opt to hire a professional office mover, there is no need to get insurance coverage for your items because the office moving company already has property damage liability. Thus, an office mover's insurance policy will compensate you if any office equipment or furniture gets lost or damaged by the office movers.

Hiring an office mover saves you money by eliminating the need to get your office equipment and furniture insured for the relocation.

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