5 Kits To Prepare Before Your Movers Arrive

When moving day arrives, your professional movers will take over and handle all the laborious work you've been managing up until now. But before they show up, you may want to consider packing a few small kits to keep with you in a designated, untouched zone. What types of kits should every household have? Here are five of the most important. 

1. A Packing Kit

Last-minute packing emergencies happen, but your supplies will often disappear as things start to get hectic. A packing kit with some packing material, scissors, packing tape, markers, and some extra bags or boxes helps ensure everything gets a safe place to travel. 

2. A Personal Items Kit

Each member of the family should have a bag or suitcase packed for travel between homes. While this is obvious for long-distance moves, don't overlook its value for a local move. Along with clothing and toiletries, consider including a few comfort items (like your kids' favorite stuffed animals), clean bedding, and entertainment for the trip. 

3. A Pet Kit

Don't forget to pack a kit for your animals. They are experiencing a big change too, so they deserve the comforts of home and their favorite toys or blankets. You'll also be less stressed if you don't have to run around town finding the right pet food or tracking down a pet prescription because theirs was accidentally packed on the truck. 

4. A Kitchen Kit

The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in the house, so be sure you take a little bit of it with you when you travel. Start with beverages and snacks for moving day and the trip to your new home. You may also want to add a few utensils, some non-breakable dishware and cups, your coffee pot, and nonperishable food for when you arrive. 

5. A Valuables Kit

Specific valuable items should travel with you personally. This commonly includes birth certificates, Social Security cards, wills, passports, medical or veterinary records, and documents regarding your home purchase or lease. While you're keeping track of these, add your house and car keys, any cash in the house, irreplaceable jewelry, and any particularly fragile items you aren't comfortable handing off to the movers.

By knowing what to keep handy for moving day and beyond, you'll experience the best possible move. Want more tips for the big day? Call a few local residential moving services in your area today. 

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