5 Tips To Properly Store Your Piano

A piano is a big investment, and it's something that you need to protect and care for well if you want it to continue working for many years to come. Whether you're downsizing and don't have space for a piano at this time or you need a place to store your belongings as you continue looking at homes, you may be planning to store your piano in a storage facility. This can be a great way to get the extra space that you need for your large instrument, but it's important to take care when storing your piano. These tips can help you properly store your piano.

Choose to Rent a Climate-Controlled Unit

There are many storage facilities and units out there, but they're not all the same. Some facilities will have climate-controlled storage units available, and this is the kind of facility that you will want to use. This is a must because you don't want temperature changes to negatively alter your instrument. If the space is too humid or hot, it can damage your piano greatly.

Store the Piano Upright

Don't be tempted to get a smaller unit just to save some money. You need to invest in a unit that is large enough to store your piano upright. Storing your piano on its side can be dangerous and can lead to permanent damage.

Cover It Up

It's a good idea to cover your piano up well when you place it in storage. You want to keep dust and other debris away from its interiors. Using a big blanket or a nice piano over will work well.

Keep It Away from Other Items

You'll want to keep your piano away from potential damage. If you have heavy furniture or other items in your unit, make sure that you keep a distance from your piano. You can also wrap your piano with protective plastic wrap to help minimize any chance of damage from other items in your unit.

Use a Piano Moving Company

It's a smart idea to use a piano moving company when placing your piano in your unit or taking it out again. You can risk great damage, and it can be dangerous to move such a heavy item on your own. A piano moving company has the skills and tools needed to handle this job. 

Follow these tips so that you can properly store your piano and keep it in good condition. Contact storage facilities in your community like Affordable Piano Movers & Storage to see if they have climate-controlled storage units available for your piano. 

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