Rain On Your Moving Day? 4 Tips To Get Through It

While you would like to schedule your move on a day where the weather outside is perfect, you will have very little control over what the weather is like on the day you need to be out of your home or apartment. If there is rain scheduled in the forecast, you'll need to know how to deal with it so that you do not create a huge mess in the process.

Use a Canopy

Many items do not take a straight path from your home into the moving van. It may take some coordination to get the items onto the truck, which means some down time outside. It will help to put up a canopy right next to the moving track. You won't feel so rushed trying to get big furniture items onto the truck with the rain coming down on you, and it will help keep you and your furniture dry.

Don't Pack Your Towels

Did you already pack up your towels in a box in preparation for your big move? If so, it's time to get them back out. You'll need towels to wipe down boxes as they are loaded onto the moving truck or into your final location. It will help to have somebody in charge of wiping down items as they pass through the rain, which will help prevent a large mess as each item goes through the rain.

Cover the Floors

It is not practical to have everyone take off their shoes each time they enter your home, but you won't want to cause your new floors to get dirty during the move. That is why it will help to cover the floors with plastic that is taped down to the floor. Make a clear path for people to walk to each room of your home, leaving room on each side for boxes and furniture. When the move is over, you can rip up the plastic on the floor and throw it away.

Use Extra Manpower

Now is the time to call in favors to have as many people helping as possible. The more people that assist with the move, the less time will be spent with items outside in the rain. If you hired professional movers, consider helping out instead of watching from afar. You can even be the person in charge of wiping off furniture with a towel before it goes into your home.

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