The Holidays Will Be Over Before You Know It: How To Safely Store Your Decorations

The holidays will be here before you know it. Soon, it will be time to drag out your boxes and begin decorating your home. Unfortunately, once the holidays are over, you'll have to pack everything up all over again and send it all back to storage. That can be the most difficult part of the holiday season. If you're tired of the hassles involved with storing your holiday decorations, here are three tips that will help you out:

Choose a Side

If you use a storage unit for your holiday decorations, and you haven't divided up the space, you could be making more work for yourself than you need to. When it comes to storing your holiday decorations in a storage unit, it's important that you choose sides, and divide the space. This is particularly important if you also store your other seasonal items in the storage unit. Divide your storage unit in half, with holiday decorations on one side, and warm-weather seasonal items on the other side. Be sure to leave a pathway down the center of the storage unit. This will allow you gain easy access to both sides of the unit.

Avoid Cardboard Boxes

If you've been using cardboard boxes to store your decorations, especially your artificial holiday trees, you could be setting yourself up for a big mess, and unnecessary replacement costs. Cardboard boxes deteriorate rapidly in a storage unit and allow easy access for pests such as mice, rats, and roaches. The last thing you want is to have your decorations destroyed while they're in storage. Instead of storing your decorations in their original cardboard boxes, switch to heavy-duty plastic storage containers. You'll avoid rotting, moisture damage, and pest problems.

Take Care with Your Holiday Linens

If you're going to be storing your holiday linens, take some special precautions before you put them away until next year. When it's time to store your holiday linens, begin by sending them through the washing machine. You'll want to get rid of all the dirt and soil that's on them. Be sure they're thoroughly dry before packing them away. Finally, place at least one scented dryer sheet in each storage container. The scented dryer sheets will help keep your linens smelling fresh while they're in storage. It's also a good idea for you to place one silica gel desiccant packet in with your linen. The desiccant packets will get mildew-causing moisture away from your linen.

Once the holidays are over, you'll need to pack up all your decorations. Use the tips provided here to take the hassle out of storing your holiday decorations. Contact a company like Security Self Storage for more information and assistance. 

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