How To Store Books Safely In A Self-Storage Unit

Do you need to store a large collection of books? Maybe you manage a charitable organization that helps kids read or you have a personal collection that you need to keep in a safe place. Whatever your reason for having a large number of books, you need to take precautions to avoid their damage in storage. Here are some of these precautions:

Make Sure They Are Clean and Dirt Free

First, clean the books to ensure they are clean and dry. Common debris between book pages includes flowers, scraps of paper, bookmarks, dust, and many others. The debris can discolor the books, tear the pages or stick them together.  Some debris, especially organic ones, can also attract moisture and pests, which are two of the worst threats your books can face in storage. You can use a magnetic dry cloth to wipe particularly dusty pages or covers.

Wrap Them Up

It's not a must to wrap up the books, but doing so gives them an extra layer of protection. Wrapping up the books ensures that they won't be easily attacked by pests or moisture in storage. Just ensure that the wrapping material won't be the cause of the books' damage. For example, you shouldn't use newsprint papers since they may transfer their ink onto your books.

Mind their Weight

Most books are heavier than they look. Therefore, packing numerous books in the same box may make the box too heavy for efficient handling, increasing the risk of accidental damage. You should also mind the book's weight during storage because stacked boxes can easily slip and fall if not properly placed. Avoid such accidental falls by making sure that stacked boxes sit squarely on top of each other.

Keep the Boxes of the Floor

Moisture is the number one threat to stored books. Moisture can discolor your books and damage them beyond repair. Moisture also encourages pest infestation, which can also ruin your books. The key to keeping books free from the effects of moisture is to encourage efficient air circulation. A good way of doing this is to raise the books off the floor and allow some space between the boxes and the walls of the storage place.

Hopefully, your books will be safe for the whole duration of the storage. Ideally, you should keep the books in a climate controlled place to prevent damage from moisture or high temperatures. As for security, talk to the management of the self-storage facility for an explanation of the security measures they have in place.

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