Tips for Protecting Valuables During an Out-of-State Move

If you have valuable items, such as antiques, paintings or glassware, then you want to be sure you take extra precautions when it comes to both packing and moving them. You can learn a lot about ways you can protect your valuable items by reviewing the information in this article so you don't have to deal with breaks and losses.

Wrap large breakables in bubble wrap

 If you have large items that you are worried will break during the move or while being transported then you should wrap them up in bubble wrap. You want to make sure they are completely wrapped and that they are also stabilized so they won't tip over. If the item is a lamp, vase or other item that stands on its own then you don't want the bubble wrap to come down so low that it causes them not to stand securely. If the item is a mirror or a picture then you should wrap it and then put it somewhere you know won't allow it to tip over. It can be a good idea to put them between cushions or mattresses when being transported.

Pack fragile items in clear plastic bins

When you pack fragile items, you can mark the box "fragile." However, a lot of people don't tend to pay too much attention to what a box reads when they are in moving mode and just concerned with getting everything from point A to point B. This can lead to a lot of broken items. If you pack fragile items in a clear plastic bin then the contents will be visible from the outside. Not only can people see what's in the bin, they can also see the protective material used to keep them safe, so I will be on their mind to be very careful with moving the bins.

Keep the fragile items together

Another way for you to make sure you decrease the chances of fragile and valuable items being broken is to pack them in the same area. This way, when helpers get to that section they will know to be extra careful when they get to moving the things in that section. You still want to make sure it is extremely obvious that all those items are fragile.

Hire professional movers

If you are very concerned with making sure your items get to their new location in the most stress free manner and with as little chance as possible of being damaged, then you may want to hire local moving companies. They are trained on packing items so they won't break and they will also take much of the stress and physical exertion out of the moving process for you and your family. Not only can they pack everything up for you, but they can also transport them to their new home.

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